GeoNB Map Viewer User Guide

When you first launch the application and close the disclaimer you will see a screen similar to this:

The GeoNB Map Viewer

  • Click and drag your cursor to pan around the map.
  • Zoom tools are located on the top left of the screen.
  • Additional data will be displayed as you zoom in.
  • Additional tools can be found on the top right of the screen.

Zoom Controls and the Home Button

  • The zoom controls can be used instead of your scroll wheel.
  • The home button resets the map to it's starting position.
  • The "My Location" button places a point on the map that corresponds to your current location.

Zoom Controls

Reading the Legend

  • The map legend can be turned on using the "Legend" icon shown above.
  • The legend will display symbology defining what is shown on the map.
  • The legend for the current basemap is also displayed at the bottom of the legend.

Using the Legend tool

Viewing Additional Data

  • Additional data can be found using the "Layers" icon shown above.
  • Layers can be activated by clicking the checkbox to the left.
  • Many layers have sub-sections that can be turned on or off as well.
    • Click on the small arrow to the left of the layer checkbox to expand a layer.

Using the Layers tool

Changing the Basemap

  • GeoNB maintains several basemaps that can be selected.
  • Select your basemap of choice using the "Basemap Gallery" icon shown above.

Using the Basemap Gallery tool

Drawing on the Map

  • Draw simple shapes on the map by clicking on the "Draw" icon shown above.
  • Click, or click and drag the cursor to begin drawing.
  • If a shape has corners:

    • clicking once starts the drawing;
    • clicking again adds a corner; and
    • double clicking ends the drawing.
  • Use the "Clear" button to erase any drawings.
  • Turn on shape measurements using the toggle switch in the tool menu.

Using the Draw tool

Using the Measurement Tool

  • The measurement tool can be opened by clicking on the "Measurement" icon shown above.
  • This widget allows users to take measurements of points of interest on the map by drawing polygons (area) or lines (distance).
  • All measurements are approximate, and not legally binding.
  • Tool Controls:

    • Select area, distance or location.
    • Clicking once starts the drawing.
    • Clicking again adds a corner.
    • Double clicking ends the drawing.

Using the Measurement tool

Using the Bookmarks

  • Popular locations can be accessed using the "Bookmarks" icon shown above.
  • Users can add additional bookmarks using the "Add" button in this tool.

Using the Bookmarks tool

Adding Data to the Map

  • Add information from other sources to this map by using the "Add Data" icon shown above.
  • Products from ArcGIS Online can be added to the map.
  • Private map services can be added using a known address.
  • Services hosted by GeoNB can be found here: GeoNB Service Directory
  • Files can be added directly from your computer.

Using the Add Data tool

Map Information

  • This widget is displayed when you first open the map.
  • If closed it can be reopened by expanding the “Information” icon shown above.
  • It contains the following information:

    • Important links that will help you contact GeoNB.
    • A brief description of the map and what it displays.

The Information tool

Printing the Map

  • The print tool can be opened by clicking on the "Print" icon shown above.
  • This tool can generate a document for printing in various formats.
  • Printed pages are for demonstration purposes only and are not legally binding.
  • We recommend:

    • Printing in a landscape format;
    • Ensuring that your printer settings do not "stretch" the printed image as this causes distortion; and
    • Increasing the DPI to increase the map quality.

Using the Print tool

Sharing the Map

  • The share menu can be expanded by clicking on the "Share" icon shown above.
  • This widget allows users to share this map through various social media platforms or copy a link to the map directly.

The Share tool

Using the Search tool

  • The search tool can be used by clicking on and typing in the box shown above.
  • You can enter either a street address, property assessment number (PAN) or property identification number (PID).
  • If the system finds a match a suggestion will appear below the text box.
  • Click on the entry of choice and the map will zoom in to that approximate location.
  • PAN and PID results will zoom directly to the property of interest.

Using the Search tool

Controlling Pop-Ups

  • Clicking on most parts of this map will display a pop-up.
  • These pop-ups return additional information about a selected feature.
  • Multiple pop-ups may appear for a single click, use left/right arrows to navigate additonal information.
  • Some pop-ups contain links to other sources.
  • If you want to reduce the amount of information returned:

    • Turn off additional data sources using the "Layers" tool.
    • Or simply zoom in farther.

Using Pop Ups